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Safety & Protective Clothing

Safety & Protective Clothing

Our complete range of safety clothing, helmets, gloves, boots, safety glasses and much more will ensure that you are well protected at all times. Health & Safety Work Gear Helmets are essential when working with chainsaws. Not only do they protect against the dreaded chainsaw kickback, but also against falling branches when working under trees. Visors prevent damage to eyes from flying wood chips, while gloves and boots keep hands and feet safe from harm.

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HUSQVARNA Classic Forest Helmet

Decent For Decent Price

Surprisingly comfortable and protects your head.

Reviewed by JonH / (Posted on 2019-02-25)

STIHL Dynamic BT Ear Protectors with Bluetooth


Love these bt ear defenders.

Reviewed by Paul / (Posted on 2019-02-24)


Excellent Value And Quality.

Great back pack, good value for money and the service was first class, highly recommended.

Reviewed by Biddy / (Posted on 2019-01-06)

STIHL Dynamic BT Ear Protectors with Bluetooth


Sound quality quite good Volume not great much bigger and heavier than other similar headsets .

Reviewed by lawnmowerman / (Posted on 2018-12-04)


Very Nice Backpack.

Very nice design and functionality.

Reviewed by Finlay w / (Posted on 2018-11-12)