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Latest reviews for SIP Woodworking Tools


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SIP 01973 150kg Saw Horse

Well Built

Brilliant well built saw horse for an excellent price.

SIP 01930 10" Table Saw - 254mm

Great Value For Money

As yet untestaed,but overal usability seems to be quite good and layout good too.

SIP 50 Litre Dust & Chip Collector

Work Shop

Purchased this machine to help keep dust down in my workshop.

SIP 4" x 8" Belt Disc Sander


This has turned out to be a great purchase for me.

SIP 01936 Variable Speed cast Iron Midi Wood Lathe

Good Lathe But Coud Have Made Some Improvements

Basicaly a decent lathe for the price but some issues with it the most worrying for me is it just stops working while I am turning, switch it back on works for a while and then does it again after a minute or so, next day it might be fine and following day will do it again.