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Stihl Chain Saw Accessories

Stihl Chain Saw Accessories

We sell a wide range of Stihl chainsaw accessories. Stihl are the only chain saw manufacturer to design and produce their own guide bars and chains so you get the best integrated package available. Stihl also produce a full range quality products to help get the very best from your Stihl chain saw such as saw horse's, filing kits, filing vices, carry cases and boxes and 2-stroke mixing oils and chain oils which are all designed for you to get the best use out of your chainsaw.

Latest reviews for Stihl Chain Saw Accessories

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STIHL Rollomatic E Mini 14" Guide Bar - 3/8"P, 1.1mm

Stihl Bar

Great piece of equipment perfect for cross cutting and reasonably priced .

Reviewed by Kizza / (Posted on 2018-04-02)

STIHL Rollomatic E Mini 14" Guide Bar - 3/8"P, 1.1mm


Can't believe how well a new bar and chain cuts, had my old one for ages and sharpened it loads, badly it would seem.

Reviewed by G.w. / (Posted on 2018-04-01)

STIHL HP 2-Stroke Engine Oil 5 Litres

Think This Is A Bit Dear

But it is a great oil for your machines.

Reviewed by Mad Jock. / (Posted on 2018-03-25)

STIHL SynthPlus Chain Oil 5 Litres

Excellent Service

Really good oil.

Reviewed by Mad Jock / (Posted on 2018-03-25)

MAKITA 958040611 16" / 40cm 3/8" 0.043" Chainsaw Bar


Good quality.

Reviewed by Jimi / (Posted on 2018-03-24)