Turbo 3000, A Best Selling Space Heater

Space Heaters

The Fireball Turbofan 3000 is one of our best-selling space heaters. Here at World of Power we have been selling SIP products for years. We believe that SIP build some of the best and highly recommended heating products on the market.   Space heaters come in all shapes and sizes, and with a number of different power/fuel options. The Fireball Turbofan 3000 is a small, electric and lightweight space heater, with a heat output of 10,200 BTU. Finished in heavy-duty black paint, with the SIP fireball logo in white. The beauty of this electric heater is that it can be plugged straight into a household electric supply. Making it an ideal heater for offices, empty rooms, attics, garages, conservatories and sheds.  Due to it’s compact size the heater is easy to move around, so can be quickly unplugged and transported to a different location. The Fireball 3000 has a sturdy […]