STIHL has always been well established within the garden machinery market, this well known and loved brand is always growing, especially with their increasing range of cordless powered garden tools. STIHL currently have 4 options within their cordless range, AP System, AK System, AS System and AI Line. To break it down each range is designed with individual users in mind;

AP System
Designed for demanding use by professional landscapers and contractors.

AK System
Designed for ambitious homeowners with large gardens.

AS System
Designed for homeowners with small gardens.

AI Line Range
All have integrated batteries and is designed for homeowners with small suburban gardens.

Benefits of Battery Tools Compared with Petrol…

You will find battery tools are usually much lighter than the petrol counter parts with less vibrations and also much lower noise levels making them much more comfortable to work with and around. Maintenance is much easier with fewer components and filters requiring regular attention. The running cost of a battery machine is significantly lower when you compare the price of petrol and electricity making it a much more economical choice for professionals. Battery tools are much neater and easier to store, as there is no fuel needed you don’t need to drain machines when they are hung in the garage / shed and you don’t need to store petrol in cans or mix it with oil for operation.

Why Choose STIHL?

STIHL batteries benefit from constant power output so the performance stays consistently high regardless of the charge level of the battery unlike other battery types.

Many AP System batteries also feature connectivity which allows you to gather valuable information about the performance and running of a battery tool – ideal for fleets of battery tools to get the best from your machine.

What is expected lifetime of a STIHL battery?

STIHL batteries use high quality long lasting lithium ion cells to offer a long service life. AP System

batteries with round cells can be fully re-charged up to 1,200 times, while the AP 500 S utilises

laminate cells which can be recharged up to 2,400 times!

Can I use STIHL battery tools in the rain?

The AP System batteries are IPX4 rated so can be used in wet weather, however the AK, AS and AI batteries should not be used in the rain.

Storing STIHL batteries

You should store batteries separate from the tool itself. Batteries should be stored in a dry location away from direct sunlight and out of the reach of children. Batteries should be stored in temperatures between -10°C and 50°C so if the weather drops and your batter is in a garage or shed your best option would be to store them in the home to ensure they are not affected by freezing temperatures sometimes reached in the winter here in the UK. For longer storage periods you should charge the battery to between 40-60% which is the optimal battery capacity for storage.

Other important things to note…

Run times of batteries can be affected by many factors such as power settings, working conditions and materials you are using the tool on, therefore run times should only be taken as a guide. For example when using a chainsaw, the wood type, wood diameter, chain tension and chain condition can all affect the run time.