Resetting a Chain Brake on Husqvarna Chainsaws

If you’ve accidentally taken the clutch cover off your chainsaw with the chain brake still engaged, here is a step by step guide on how to reset the brake band. Shown above you can see the inside of the brake band has come away from the outer edge of the drum. This is caused by the clutch cover being taken off while the chain brake is on. You will find you are not able to refit the clutch cover back on and it will need to be reset. To reset the chain brake you will need a Wrench Chain Brake Reset Tool, the Husqvarna 236 model comes with the tool but the 135, 435, 445 and 450 models you can purchase the tool here. You will need to place this over the piece shown above and pull it until it clicks, it is quite stiff. Once it is re-set you […]


What is PDI?

Pre Delivery Inspection Pre-delivery inspection or PDI is the term given by manufacturers for the process performed by their dealers to ensure that a product is delivered in full and correct working order. Any minor faults or adjustments should carried out by factory trained technicians. The best example of this would be your car, we all see new cars loaded on to transporters with white covers all over the bodywork and trim missing. Every car as to go through the dealers PDI workshops before you can take delivery of it. What Does PDI Have To Do With Garden Machinery? Quality garden machinery manufacturers maintain a dealer network to provide the exact same service. This ensures that their products reach you in the best possible working condition. The best example of such a product is a chainsaw, especially a petrol chainsaw. Chainsaws are not manufactured in the UK, so all chainsaws […]


Free Pre Delivery Inspections

Garden Machinery Pre Delivery Inspection

Here at World of Power, we believe in delivering not just quality products, but a quality service too.  That’s why many of our garden machinery tools are covered by a PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection) before we send them out to you. This will ensure that you are not disappointed by receiving a faulty item.  Our fully trained technicians will take the product out of the box, build the product up and test it before we  send it out to you. Benefits of the Pre-Delivery Inspection? We all know the pain and frustration of ordering something online, and then when it arrives it’s either broken or there’s something missing.  Not only is that completely frustrating, but it can also hold your project up by several days or even weeks. Which Tools Receive PDI? All the following tools receive PDI; Stihl Husqvarna Makita Peace of Mind with a World of Power PDI There […]


How to Maintain A Chainsaw


It is important that you action the following to ensure that you get the best performance out of your chainsaw and help prolong the life of the chain, bar and chainsaw itself. Chain Tensioning & The Guide Bar It is important that the chain is checked before use and during use if being used for long periods at a time. A loose chain may result in the chain jumping off the bar which may cause injury to you and damage the chainsaw. An overly tightened chain may cause damage to premature wear and tear to the guide bar. A properly tensioned chain should be in contact with the underside of the guide bar and can still be pulled around the bar with easy. The chain must not hand loose under the bar.     How Sharp is your Chain? A sharp chain is a longer lasting chain. It also ensures […]


Sharpening Your Chainsaw Chain at Home

Chainsaw Parts

When it comes to sharpening a chain at home, some a put off as they think it can be too difficult. When purchasing a chainsaw you should really invest in a filing kit and even a spare chain so you can continue cutting even if the chain you are using has become blunt. Required tools for filing a chain; Round File Flat File Combination gauge Stump Vice (if filing in the forest)   Firstly you need to determine the size (or “gauge”) of your saw’s chain. You will need to buy a chainsaw filing kit to match your chain tooth. Since there are several sizes of chainsaw teeth, the file you choose must be the correct diameter for your saw. Typical sizes are 3/16, 5/32 and 7/32 of an inch in diameter.   We recommend that you clean the chain thoroughly by using mineral spirits or a commercial degreasing detergent to […]