Husqvarna have been in business since 1689, yes you read that right 1689 not 1986.  Being in business for over 325 years says it all when you are looking to purchase your next gardening tool. This global brand is renowned for quality, innovation, and reliability with an excellent back up service with a network of authorised dealers throughout the UK.

Husqvarna’s range of machines, accessories and spare parts has been serving everyone from tree surgeons and professionals through to domestic homeowners looking for a reliable machine for centuries without fail. The introduction of the Aspire range in 2023 really finished off the range allowing you to bring Husqvarna into your home with all the same quality and features Husqvarna are known for at an affordable price.

As the range encompasses 100’s of machines with a wide range of accessories, you can easily navigate the Husqvarna range when you break it down into easily managed sections.

Aspire & 100 series – Ideal for smaller domestic / suburban gardens requiring light occasional work.

200 Series – Ideal for demanding domestic use in small–medium areas which require light garden maintenance.

300  Series – Ideal for frequent domestic use in medium-large areas such as small holdings, farms and estates.

400 Series – Ideal for larger areas such as Farm and Country Estates and also for use by landscapers and part time grounds workers.

500 Series – Ideal for demanding professional use in larger areas such as forestry and arboriculture workers / green spaces and landscaping

Automower’s - You will also find a renowned industry leading range of Automower’s, with over 30 years of experience within the robotic mower industry, Husqvarna know how to get it right. Offering a perfectly cut lawn 24/7 no matter the size, shape or terrain.

Husqvarna Aspire

This range is part of the 18V Power For All Alliance multi-brand system which provides great power and flexibility with the option to use other brands you may already own (please check prior to purchase!)

A new and efficient garden tool range which has been designed to be compact with a flexible design with smart details to make gardening enjoyable. This high quality range has a sleek appearance is a one shelf fits all range with a handy wall storage rail that allows you to hang the whole range of Aspire items up in your garage or shed easily, for quick access and perfect for those limited storage spaces. This range consists of all the gardening tools required within one battery system, keeping costs down, without compromising on power or quality. Within the range you will find an Automower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, grass trimmer, leaf blower, lawnmower, pruner and shrub shear.

Husqvarna 100 & 200 Series

Intended to be used occasionally in smaller areas, this range offers durability, ease of use and a minimal need for maintenance. A similar quality and specification to the Aspire range but without the cordless compatibility to the Power 4 All Alliance 18v battery system. Including a range of cordless and petrol machines you will find chainsaws, hedge trimmers, lawnmowers, grass trimmer and much more.  The 200 series offers a higher capacity and increased features over the 100 series.

Husqvarna 300-400 Series

Designed with durability and comfort in mind and to sit between more demanding domestic use and professional use. This range is perfect for medium sized gardens and part time grounds maintenance. This range of tools allows you to achieve garden perfection, with many user-friendly features including the “start smart” system for easy starting of petrol engines and have been designed to generate lower emissions.

This range includes cordless and petrol machines delivering good levels of performance and operator comfort. The 400 series offers a slightly higher level of performance and durability with smarter features than the 300 series.

 For example, the chainsaws in this series would start with the popular 435 Mark II petrol chainsaw or 435i 36v cordless chainsaw and heads right up to the 455 Rancher before you move on up into the 500 series for full time use.

Husqvarna 500 Series

This range is aimed at the more professional user requiring a full time machine. Ideal for working in landscaping or for larger ground maintenance, these powerful machines feature a range of tools suitable for tackling the more demanding and robust jobs. Within this range you will find petrol, cordless, diesel and hybrid machines developed especially for the demands of intensive professional use in a range of applications.

With an exceptional range of lawnmowers suitable for all garden sizes with plenty of options to choose from whether that be cordless, petrol or robotic. The hedge trimmer range such as the Husqvarna 522HDR60 & 522HDR75X, designed with longer cutting bars and coarse cut double sided blades to withstand heavy and dense hedge maintenance.

Husqvarna Automower’s

Conveniently mow your lawn to perfection, the Husqvarna robotic mower range offers the latest technology such as GPR assisted navigation and built in sensors for hassle free mowing. Quietly and independently doing the hard work with unmatched efficiency whilst you spend your time however you like. Discover a range of robotic lawnmowers like no other with a mower to match any lawns.

Husqvarna produce high quality and reliable machinery for every user, so rest assured you definitely get what you paid for from this long running and trusted brand.