Designed to get the job done!

McCulloch have a long history of developing high performing garden machinery which are reliable, tough and have the power to get the job done.

An affordable range of garden tools in a stylish and sleek design providing high performance and durability. When looked after correctly these machines will last you for years to come.

With user-friendliness and user safety at the forefront of the designers minds, McCulloch are constantly striving to increase the power and performance while lowering the fuel consumption, emissions and noise levels of their machines.

Who are McCulloch?

With a history spanning over 60 years with several world-firsts the McCulloch brand was founded in 1943 under the name of McCulloch Motors Corporation.

A two-man model named ‘5-49’ was the first chainsaw produced by McCulloch followed by a lightweight one man chainsaw called ‘3-25’ in 1949 which revolutionized the chainsaw industry. In 1968 saw another revolution where McCulloch introduced the Power Mac 6 weighing in at 8.5 pounds fully fuelled which was the worlds lightest chainsaw at that time!

They began to produce electric chainsaws in 1972 with hedge trimmer, string trimmer and leaf blowers being added to the product range in the 1970’s and 80’s – the focus of McCulloch on garden equipment is clear!

Today, McCulloch is a brand within the Husqvarna group after being acquired in 2008 with a full range of chainsaws, trimmers, lawnmowers, garden tractors and hedge trimmers available providing all the power you need to complete the job at an affordable price.

Why Choose McCulloch?

  • Powerful engines
  • High quality
  • Advanced technology
  • User-friendly
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Robust materials
  • Lots of accessories

McCulloch Chainsaws

McCulloch have always been at the forefront of revolution, so when it comes to taking back control and taming your garden look no further. With a range of petrol, cordless and electric chainsaws, there is a McCulloch chainsaw for every garden task, from cutting firewood to felling large trees. These chainsaws have been designed with high chain speeds and a slimmed down design to offer a smooth performance.

This affordable range of chainsaws, are great value for money and give off lower emissions. Built with generous bar sizes from 14" and 16" these McCulloch saws are more than capable of tackling the toughest of tasks. Designed by McCulloch engineers at the Husqvarna HQ in Sweden the CS42STE 14" Petrol model comes with a powerful 42cc OxyPower 2-stroke engine, which delivers lower emissions and a reduced fuel consumption with a power output of 1.5kW. Also features SwitchStart, to reduce the number of steps required to start the chainsaw and get it to full power quickly and smoothly for a more powerful cut.

If you are looking for a more tamer machine, for occasional use and lightweight work around the home and garden, but would prefer an electric machine, look no further. The McCulloch CSE2040S has got you covered. A powerful 2000w motor, well balanced and weighing it at only 4.3kg. Featuring a 40cm cutter bar, 13.5m/s chain speed and tool-less chain tensioning. Designed with a chain brake indicator, to show when the brake is activated which will avoid causing accidental damage to the machine.

McCulloch Hedge Trimmers

A firm favourite with homeowners for decades, this McCulloch hedge trimmer range is perfect for domestic use in suburban gardens. Cut your hedges with ease, comfort and safe handling when using the McCulloch HT5622 56cm / 22" Petrol Hedge Cutter. Designed with a dual action double sided cutter blade, anti-vibration handles and capable of cutting branches up to 22mm thick! The adjustable rear handle allows extra user comfort in any position when cutting small to medium sized hedges.

Make sure you also stock up on those essential accessories, these include 2 stroke oil, Multi-spray for Protection and Lubrication of the blades and protect from Corrosion, or Superclean Resin Solvent to keep your cutter blades in tip top shape for excellent cutting performance.

McCulloch Trimmers and Brushcutters

Another firm favourite amongst the loyal McCulloch fans is their range of grass strimmer's and brush cutters. Offering the latest design and features, these high powered machines are great value for money, with lower fuel consumption and emissions levels. Part of the Husqvarna Group, you can rely on their high standards within this domestic range of machines but at a more affordable price. Within this range you will find trimmers and brush cutters with Loop, J and Cow Horn handles to suit a number of requirements, form light use to those who need to use their machine a little longer with more comfort.

The brush cutters are capable of taking a blade for thicker growth and tougher foliage, whilst the line heads are more suitable for grassy areas, when used in domestic strimming applications.

One of the most popular models within this range is the McCulloch TrimMac 25cc Petrol Grass Strimmer. Equipped with a 42cm Tap n Go Nylon Cutting head. which when bumped on the ground will release the right amount of line for optimum performance. This light weigh trimmer is sure to make short work of those grassy patches of lawns and gardens. The Loop handle is height adjustable so you can adjust to a more comfortable working position, whilst the curved split shaft design is ideal for easy transport and compact storage.

If you require a tool that will take a blade, then the McCulloch B33PS 33cc Petrol Brushcutter, may be the right machine for you. Included with this brush cutter is Tap n Go trimmer head, 255-3 Grass Blade and Double Harness. This handy split shaft design is again perfect for transport and storage, the combi guard attached to the machine can also be used with both the trimmer head or blade. Offering an impressive 0.9kW power output and the soft start feature makes it easier and trouble free by reducing the resistance in the starter cord by up to 40%.

McCulloch Leaf Blowers

There are 2 garden vacuums in the McCulloch range, introducing the hand held Petrol Leaf Blower GBV322VX. Powered by a 26cc 2-stroke engine with a power output of 0.8kW which offers impressive blowing speeds of up to 322km/h and 89m/s air speed. This model also benefits from a cruise control function for added comfort and no need to continuously keep hold of the trigger during prolonged use. Supplied with a VX concentrated nozzle to improve the air flow and a 45 litre collection bag, which allows you to easily attach to the blower to activate the vacuum function. The mulching feature will then effortlessly shred the leaves at a rate of 16:1, significantly reducing the volume of debris. Additional features include, easy connecting tubes, Sure Fire Start and anti-vibration system for a more comfortable garden clearing experience.

If you require something a little more robust for tackling larger areas, then the McCulloch GB355BP Back Pack Blower has got you covered. Great value for money and again designed by McCulloch engineers at Husqvarna HQ in Sweden. Boasting a powerful 46cc engine, which is mounted on a comfortable backpack with padded shoulder straps, allowing you to comfortably work for longer periods. Also featuring cruise control, so you can set the speed of the fan to suit each application, making the the leaf blower easier to handle. The blower tubes are quick to assemble and can be easily dissembled then stored away with minimal space.

Supported by a wide range of high quality replacement parts and accessories, to help keep your McCulloch tools running for years to come. This affordable brand is becoming more popular with domestic users and aims to keep up with the big guns, in specification, quality and performance.

So if you a domestic user and are thinking of purchasing some new petrol garden machinery, McCulloch have designed their tools with the best engineers under the watchful eye of Husqvarna and share technology and design features to deliver safe and robust machinery matching the quality of their professional range. You can shop the full range of McCulloch garden products HERE.