Why Choose STIHL?

This popular well-known trusted brand has been around since the 1920s and is loved by many domestic and professional users around the world. This family-owned business is proud to deliver the best and reliable tools for every type of user. With many of their spare parts and products manufactured in house, STIHL tools are designed with sustainability in mind so they can easily be repaired with genuine spare parts by approved STIHL dealers and here at World of Power we are proud to be part of this global network.

What is the STIHL Kombi System?

A multi-purpose range of tools which offers a versatility, flexibility, easy transportation and space saving design suitable for domestic and professional users alike.

Fed up with having various machines clogging up that valuable shed / garage space, or looking for multiple tools for all your gardening needs? Look no further than the STIHL Kombi System allowing you to use one power head unit and switch between several attachments ranging from long reach hedge trimmers to a blower attachment or even a grass strimmer. With 14 attachments in the range the possibilities are endless.

Petrol or Cordless?

STIHL offer several different Kombi power units, to suit your needs.

Introducing the petrol range, there are currently 4 kombi engines covering domestic to professional requirements- KM56, KM94, KM131 and KM131R. These machines run on unleaded petrol and 2-stroke oil, with a mix ratio of 50:1 (5 Litres of petrol to 100ml 2-stroke oil).

With all petrol machinery we recommend you use a good quality and branded 2-stroke oil and mix with either E5 or E10 petrol, however, please note that due to the ethanol content in forecourt fuel, your mix is only “fresh” for the following time scales- E5 up to 3 months / E10 up to 30 days.

Starting with your domestic KM56 Kombi engine, this powerful and versatile unit is perfect for garden and home maintenance. Compatible with all 14 Kombi attachments, this one engine does it all. Lightweight and efficient on fuel, with an engine offering 27.2cc of power and fitted with ERGOSTART to provide effortless starting, this machine will spring to life with a gentle pull.

Moving up to the KM94RC-E- this unit is idea for homeowners and landowners who are looking for a little more power, for harder and more prolonged tasks. Featuring Ecospeed to allow for simple engine speed adjustment via the control handle and fitted with an improved anti-vibration system for a more comfortable working experience.

We then have the final two models in the petrol kombi engine range, The KM131 bike handle and KM131R loop handle- these machines have a powerful 4-mix 36.3cc engine, which runs on a 2-stroke / fuel mix but has the benefits of a 4-stroke machine. They both feature the One Touch Stop Switch and Anti-vibration system. The multi-function handle allows the user full control over the machine when working.

If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly, lower noise and less maintenance option, then the STIHL Cordless Kombi units may be the suitable for you. With limited-service requirements and no need to mix any messy fuel, these cordless battery powered tools may be more appealing.

These cordless Kombi units are part of STIHLS AP battery system, ideal for demanding professional applications or larger gardens. Offering emissions free running whilst rivaling the power of petrol.

Reliable performance teamed with long battery life and quick charge times, these battery-operated machines are designed to be low maintenance, lightweight with lower vibration levels.

What Attachments Are Available?

There are currently 14 attachments suitable for the Petrol and Cordless Kombi units and these include:

Hedge trimmers

Perfect for shaping and trimming those unruly hedges, the double-sided blades will cut through hedges effortlessly and offer excellent balance and control.


An excellent addition to your kombi system, these edging tools allow you to trim and tidy your lawn edges quickly and easily to give a well-tended and fresh look. The depth of cut can be adjusted via the guide wheel.

Grass Trimming

These attachments are ideal for mowing or trimming around obstacles, edging lawns and general grass maintenance.

  • FSB-KM Line Trimmer- curved shaft- Autocut C6-2-line head. (NOT suitable for cordless KMA machines)


  • KM-BG Blower- clears leaves, grass clippings and debris, suitable for LOOP handle machines only. Lightweight with high blowing force.
  • BF-KM Pick Tine- Perfect for aerating and cultivating soil with a 22cm working width.
  • KM-MB Bristle Brush- sweep up grass, leaves and other debris. Protective guard included, with stiff bristles to also remove dirt and grime.
  • KM-HT Pole Pruner12” cutting blade, 126cm in length and perfect for effortless cutting of hard-to-reach trees and branches. LOOP handle machines only.
  • FH-KM 145° Scrub Cutter Adjustable through to 145 degrees, 25cm cutting blades. Ideal for clearing banks and ditches for that perfect finish.
  • KM-RG Rotary CutterRemoves grass and weeds from gravel, paved and asphalt areas. Low spinning cutting attachment for safe low groundwork.


Extend your reach of the HL-KM hedge-trimmer and HT-KM pole pruner attachments, with either the 50cm or 1m carbon inner shaft and an aluminum outer shaft extension pole.

Store and transport your Loop handle Kombi machines within the STIHL Carry bag, made from tough fabric with easy zip access.