Resetting a Chain Brake on Husqvarna Chainsaws

If you’ve accidentally taken the clutch cover off your chainsaw with the chain brake still engaged, here is a step by step guide on how to reset the brake band. Shown above you can see the inside of the brake band has come away from the outer edge of the drum. This is caused by the clutch cover being taken off while the chain brake is on. You will find you are not able to refit the clutch cover back on and it will need to be reset. To reset the chain brake you will need a Wrench Chain Brake Reset Tool, the Husqvarna 236 model comes with the tool but the 135, 435, 445 and 450 models you can purchase the tool here. You will need to place this over the piece shown above and pull it until it clicks, it is quite stiff. Once it is re-set you […]


BBQ Cooking Methods

Chicken/bacon on a BBQ

Now it’s most commonly thought of as a summer sunny day experience but we think it’s time to change this thought of many and get people BBQing all year round! Come wind, rain, snow or sun I’m out on my Weber BBQ or Smokey Mountain BBQ cooking up a storm for my family, in fact I use it more than the oven in my kitchen!     With a Weber BBQ you can cook just about everything, anytime…and we mean EVERYTHING! Understanding the basic BBQ design and theory mans you can start to exploit all the possibilities. Knowing how to light a charcoal BBQ or which cooking method to use is very simple and once you master it you can join us in BBQing all year round!   The simple golden rule with a Weber BBQ? ALWAYS put the lid back on your BBQ.     This may seem a […]


How To Use A Weber Rotisserie with Hints & Tips

Chicken on a Weber

Whether used over charcoal or gas, a rotisserie meal is one of simplistic beauty and full of flavour. Rotisserie grilling is actually a roasting technique using a spit which runs down the centre of the meat / fish which turns, so you get even cooked food every time. Most Weber rotisseries are driven by an electric motor which plugs into domestic household mains.   We promise, once you try the rotisserie, you will never go back to ordinary methods again! Transform an ordinary grilling session into a social event!   Whilst chicken is a favourite, why not open your skills and pallet to others like prime rib – it’s a no brainier or why not even try pineapple? The rotisserie handles more than savoury, it tackles deserts too. Think of sugar glazed pineapple spinning of the grill…mouth-watering!   Tips When Using A Rotisserie 1. Check the weight of your food; […]


Perfect BBQ grilled steak this valentine’s day.

BBQ Grilling Steak

What could show dedication more than braving the winter weather to cook a perfect steak for Valentine’s Day! The perfect steak can be achieved so easily, how difficult you claim it to be is completely up to you….   Of course you can eat inside, you dont need to make your Valentines sit outside!   Choosing the right cut. Buy a piece of steak which is not completely lean – we recommend the steak should have some marbling running through them (a rib eye steak is a perfect example).  Fat is flavour! During grilling these interwoven strands of fat begin to render keeping a level of moisture within the meat.   Before grilling the steak remove it from the fridge and allow it to come up to room temperature, this allows the meat to cook more evenly and stay juicer than if cooking from cold. Seasoning. Season the steak with […]


Grilling Seafood on a Weber Barbecue

I don’t know about you but were counting down the days until Spring when we can BBQ without the need for wellies, winter coat and bobble hats! For those not as excited as us its only 1 month until Spring is officially here. Not forgetting valentines day which is days away, why not try this for a loved one?   When it comes to fish people can be put off using their barbecue as cooking times and ensuring fish is correctly cooked can be difficult when you don’t know how. For grilling times, hints tips and even our favourite recipes to keep you entertained this year keep on reading….   Grilling times Please note these times are a guide, the actual cooking times can depend on a couple of variants such as thickness, wind and temperature. Please ensure you use a thermometer to ensure food is completely cooked through before sitting down […]


Keep The Home Fires Burning this Winter

WOP wood shed

Vision this…cold winters day outside, snow is falling and the temperature is in the minus’s… your sat inside with your log burner / fire roaring without the need for leaving the house. Absolute bliss! With a range home owner, mid range and professional chainsaws available, we have something to suit all needs and tasks. To assist with chopping the logs you may wish to invest in a saw horse, with prices as low as £19.99 (*on selected models) you can’t afford to say no! The steel construction saw horse will allow for faster and a safer working environment and is ideal for general domestic logging. Folding flat for convenience this model can be stored and transported with ease. Whilst the SIP steel construction saw horse not only holds the logs whilst you cut but holds the chainsaw in place so all you need to do is lever the chainsaw forwards […]


Cook Up A Cure For The January Blues

So why not eat & drink yourself happy!! Hot chocolate is always a winner with the kids, for the adults you can spice it up with a dash of brandy, or for a sophisticated alternative, a mug of mulled wine always warms your cockles. Why not try a warming winter vegetable salad or veggie kebabs, using your Smokey Mountain BBQ you could be cooking up a storm. Juicy delicious steaks,BBQ’d Lamb, pulled pork, whole carrots, smokey mixed potato wedges. The list is endless. Why not make Pizza with the kids? If you have the Weber Kettle Premium Barbecue it’s a must. Don’t forget to keep warm with a  Weber Fireplace or a patio heater to keep guests toasty right into the night, – your garden is likely to be looking bare, those frosted twigs and grasses are the perfect backdrop for some winter entertaining. You could say….Lights…BBQ…Action!! Here at World of Power we have […]


Storing Firewood

Log Storage

With winter fast approaching, the log burner / open fire / fireplace will soon be roaring keeping us warm through the cold months. It’s obvious that burning logs can dramatically lower your heating bills, buying logs in bulk, cutting your own from larger cuts or foraging for logs can reduce your bills even further. When you have a wood stove installed in your home, you also need to think about wood storage solutions. How you store your firewood can make a big difference on how it burn, dry wood means less nasty smoke giving a cleaner environment and happy neighbours! But where to store these logs? Log stores are a great option for practicality and tidiness. They will keep logs dry and seasoned all year round by protecting them from the elements and letting them dry naturally. Not only do they lift them from the ground they keep them neat […]


BBQ All Year Round

With so many durable BBQ’s now on the market from the likes of  GrandHall and Outback which are both practical and fun all year around, you can get out and barbecue at any time of the year. With portable models to take with you, charcoal, gas and electric models on the market, there is something for all barbecue enthusiasts. The one problem which can cause issues is wind, to be able to maintain the required temperature inside the barbecue, place it in a sheltered spot – NOT inside though! With charcoal when it’s colder, you may need to add more briquettes to your charcoal BBQ to keep the temperature at its optimum – remember to store briquettes somewhere dry. Light your charcoal BBQ well in advance, it can take briquettes slightly longer to heat up when it’s colder. Place them into the BBQ and open all the vents fully, place […]


BBQing Beef

With plenty of good value cuts of meats available which if treated properly can give fantastic flavours there is no excuse not to cook up a storm on your BBQ. Neck & Clod Stewing steak – Slow cook in a liquid will cook down into a tasty stew or pie. Chuck & Blake Chuck steak – Slow cook, best for a moist dish such as a casserole or pot roast. Fore Rib Rack of ribs – Marinate and cook long and slow producing a beautifully tender, sticky and rich tasting dish. Sirloin Sirloin steak – Marinate and cook long and slow for a tender and rich piece of beef. Rump Rump steaks – Where possible use a sear station or griddle to seal in flavours. Can be used as a steak or cubed to make delicious beef kebabs. Most delicious when cut slightly thicker. Silverside Silverside joint – Usually an […]