New for 2023, the Husqvarna Aspire range is made up of efficient garden tools with a compact and flexible design to give space saving, smart storage to those with limited shed/garage space to store their garden machinery. Those who lack storage space should not have to compromise on quality, this range is designed for exactly that...a high quality, easy to store cordless garden machinery range with tailor made hooks and optional storage rail, shelf and hook kit.

This entry level cordless range of garden machinery is ideal for small domestic gardens where occasional use is the requirement. Looking to mow your lawn on a Sunday morning or trim the hedge at the beginning of Spring? This range is ideal for those looking for light garden maintenance and pruning throughout the year. Lightweight in design, the small footprint of the Husqvarna Aspire range conceals more than meets the eye, with user friendly features you can comfortably tackle any DIY jobs like a pro.


The 18v battery system is a one battery fits all system to provide a truly cordless convenience and great performance. Not only this, as part of the POWER FOR ALL ALLIANCE, this multi-brand battery system provides excellent power and flexibility with the one battery being shared across 10+ brands of indoor and outdoor tools from leading manufacturers worldwide. Put simply, this battery will power more tools so you can take on more projects and get them done quicker. Simply charge the battery/batteries and pop it into any one of the machines within the Husqvarna Aspire range and it will offer long run times, low noise levels and no need to mix any messy fuels.

18v POWER FOR ALL Battery System

Store Them all on The Wall

Compact, extendable and foldable, each tool is equipped with a tailor made hook for streamline storage in limited spaces. The optional storage rail available to purchase as an optional extra allows you to conveniently and neatly organise your garden tools in limited space. You can simply extend with more rails as your Aspire garden tool range expands, this rail is also compatible with other garden tools such as hand tools, water hoses, spades or brooms.

Enjoy Smarter Garden Work with Compact, Efficient Tools

The Husqvarna B8X-P4A Aspire blower will make garden cleaning easier, designed with a high blow force with multi mode speeds offering optimum performance. Featuring a soft grip handle, user friendly digital interface, and a very lightweight design this cordless blower is a pleasure to use. Thanks to the low noise levels there is no need to wear ear protection.

Easy to lift and foldable in design to take up minimum storage space, the Aspire LC34-P4A lawnmower is easy to manoeuver in all corners of your lawn. Manufactured with high quality, lightweight materials this battery driven lawnmower has fantastically low noise levels and offers a flawless finish to lawns. With a 34cm cutting width, central cutting height adjustment, telescopic soft grip handle and user friendly digital user interface it's clear to see why this lawnmower is set to be popular!

Built with smart details in mind, the Aspire range is designed to make garden work easy and more efficient. The Automower Aspire R4 is packed with smart features such as the Automower Connect app which allows you to easy set/amend mowing schedules and the cutting height. Designed to mow lawns up to 400m² cutting to perfection 24/7, this Automower also features systematic passage mowing for precisely cut narrow passages, it can handle slopes of 25%, frost guard and a weather timer.

Easy to Use, Smart to Own

The Aspire T28-P4A battery trimmer with dual trimmer line is easily adjustable to give perfect edges with high efficiency. Designed with an automatic line feed meaning there is no stopping to fiddle with trimmer line, soft grip handle and user friendly digital user interface.

The Aspire PE5-P4A pole pruner 2-in-1 tool for pruning and pole sawing. The included extendable pole attachment allows your gardening to be ladder free giving you the freedom and power you need for efficient pruning and light duty cutting. The soft grip handle and user friendly digital user interface all offer excellent benefits to the user.

The Aspire H50-P4A hedge trimmer is designed with a 50cm cutter bar which will easily shape hedged and bushes. Featuring a leaf catcher which makes the clean up after trimming your garden much easier. The battery level is conveniently tracked directly on the handle so you can see when your battery is ready to be recharged. Lightweight at just 3kg this well balanced hedge trimmer makes trimming hedges a pleasure.