Top 10 Products for Summer

Whatever you’re doing this summer, either spending time in the garden, camping in green fields, laying on the beach or living your festival life…..we’ve found the Top Ten products to help make your summer one to remember. 1.Stihl Hammock Lazing out in the garden on a blissfully sunny day must be one of our favourite things to do, with Indoor / Outdoor living becoming such a popular thing to do in the UK. Offering both comfort and style, this Stihl Hammock is the perfect place to hang out this summer. 2. Travel Bag Whether you’re off for a walk in the countryside, or picnic-ing at the beach, this stylish bag from Husqvarna has you covered. With a large 30 litre compartment which features a roll top seal to keep any rain out, cos let’s face it….it’s England and if there is one thing it’s good at it’s raining! 3. Balance […]


Fire Pits & Patio Heaters to Keep Warm This Winter

Weber Fire Pit

Fire Pits and Patio Heaters provide great warmth outdoors. This great addition to any Garden or Patio helps to create a heart-warming,  even romantic atmosphere! Which one to choose, Fire Pit or Patio Heater? Fire Pits Fire Pits unlike Patio Heaters, use wood and coal to get them started. It’s best to get them started up before you want to enjoy them, we would recommend with charcoal using a It’s best to get them started up a while before you want to start enjoying them.  we would recommend with charcoal using a chimney starter . Using a Chimney Starter will save you both money and time. This then gives the firepit time to build up the heat. Once the coals heat up you will benefit from the crackling of wood, glow of charcoal and the warm aroma that a burning fire brings. You may even wish to cook a marshmallow or […]