Whether you're cleaning the car, motorbike, caravan or the patio, you can guarantee Stihl have a pressure washer to make the task quick and easier with their range of electric cold water pressure washers. Designed to be powerful, offer excellent cleaning results and be more eco friendly, whilst living up to the same high quality that Stihl is much known and loved for right across the world.

Car Cleaning with a Stihl Pressure Washer

Stihl RE 119 Pressure Washer

The Stihl Re 119 cold water pressure washer, from the 2019 range, is a firm favourite with many World of Power customers. This tried and tested pressure washer boasts an adjustable bar pressure and impressive 500 litres per minute water flow rate making it ideal for a multitude of jobs around the home and garden. Be quick stock of this model is VERY limited and will not be around for long!

Motor Bike Cleaning with a Stihl Pressure Washer

For the 2020 season, Stihl introduced 5 new pressure washers to sit along side the existing RE 143 PLUS model giving you plenty of choice to suit your needs and budget. Packed with new features and a new design, the new Stihl pressure washer range is a force to be reckoned with!

Stihl RE 90 Pressure Washer

The RE90 is Stihl's entry level model which is best used for odd jobs around the garden / home from time to time. From cleaning off mountain bikes or motorcycles after a muddy ride, cleaning down furniture in the garden or bringing pathways back to life, the RE 90 can also be used for tougher tasks such as cleaning the patio and cleaning a car too but one of the below models may be more suited to these tasks.

Stihl RE90 Pressure Washer

Stihl RE 100 Pressure Washer

Next up in the range we have the RE100 pressure washer model which comes complete with an induction motor which is normally found on commercial grade pressure washers, this induction motor offers outstanding durability and lower noise levels. Ideal for regular tasks such as cleaning bikes and cars, this pressure washer also has the capabilities of longer tasks such as cleaning decking / patios and garden furniture.

Stihl RE 100 Pressure Washer

Stihl RE 110 Pressure Washer

The Stihl RE110 pressure washer not only boasts an induction motor like the RE 100 model but it also has additional feature such as power cable and nozzle storage along with a longer length high pressure hose, telescopic handle and larger wheels making it easier to transport or move around the garden/patio.

Stihl RE 110 Pressure Washer

Stihl 120 Pressure Washer

A step up in power from the RE 110 this RE 120 pressure washer boasts a 125 bar operating pressure and 500 litres/hour water flow rate making it ideal for heavier duty work such as cleaning bikes, muddy cars and also larger vehicles such as mobile homes or caravans and also cleaning larger patios. Complete with a 8 metre steel reinforced high pressure hose and larger wheels for greater versatility and durability. The included spray bottle allows you to deliver precise amounts of cleaning agents to the area you require cleaning.

Stihl Re 120 Pressure Washer

Stihl RE 130 PLUS Pressure Washer

A premium and powerful cold water pressure washer offering high power for regular cleaning of large areas and vehicles. Offering a whopping 135 bar operating pressure this Stihl RE 130 power washer also includes an aluminium telescopic handle, integrated hose reel with hose guide and a long 9 metre steel reinforced high pressure hose.

Stihl RE 130 P:US Pressure Washer

Stihl RE 143 PLUS Pressure Washer

Sitting at the top of the Stihl pressure washer range is the RE143 model which offers an adjustable 10-140 bar operating pressure and a huge 610 litres/ hour water flow rate. Complete with a 12 metre steel reinforced high pressure hose and a brass pump head for a longer working life.

Cleaning Walkways with Stihl Pressure Washer

All Stihl pressure washers include two nozzles as standard a fan jet nozzle to cover larger areas quickly and a rotary nozzle which is ideal for concentrating on particular areas of built up dirt. The rotary spray lance allows water to be adjusted to suit the job the pressure washer is tasked with. Last but not least the anti twist and quick release coupling on the pressure washers makes them easy to set up and helps to ensure the hose does not get tangled whilst you are working.

Pressure Washer Accessories

All of the Stihl pressure washers can be used with a range of Stihl accessories to make light work of all cleaning tasks. The accessory range has been specially developed with all types of user in mind from those who wish to use the pressure washer for an off job around the home or those who need something a little more durable and powerful for use more often.

Stihl Pressure Washer and Accessories

Stihl partnered up with SONAX on a range of cleaning agents including a universal cleaner, vehicle shampoo, stone and facade cleaner as well as a car wheel cleaner to offer the user the most efficient cleaning agents suited to the tasks the pressure washers are designed for.

The angled spray lance allows the pressure washer get to those hard to reach placed including car wheel arches whilst the hose extensions allows you to work further from the pressure washer without the need to move the machine which sometimes is not possible due to the water / power source.

For quick and easy cleaning of the patio, the RA 82 surface cleaner is designed to fit the RE90 - RE130 PLUS models. For splash free cleaning of large horizontal spaces this surface cleaner will quickly attach to the pressure washer.