Ego have a fab range of outdoor power equipment that is designed for every level of outdoor tasks! With their perfect balance of power and usability, making this range suitable for all your domestic or professional gardening needs. 

Ego’s distinctive 56V Arc-Lithium cordless machinery range uses just one battery to power all their cordless tools, even the professional X-range! They aim to match petrol counter parts with the same power but with less maintenance, with the more economically friendlier battery powered systems. Zero emissions, cleaner and quieter and more comfortable to use with the reduced vibrations, it means switching to their EGO POWER products is better for your health and the environment. 

With the easy set and start feature it means no more filling up with fuel, but a simple click and go! 

A mower for every lawn” is just what you want to hear, whether you have a small garden or acres of land, The Ego Power+ range of lawnmowers have a variety of models with specifications designed to make your mowing experience quicker and more efficient.

The model sizes on offer range from 42cm to 52cm cutting width, meaning there is a product for any size lawn. A 52cm mower such as the LM2020E-SP, would tackle a maximum sized lawn of around 1000 square metres, that is almost the size of 4 tennis courts all on a single charge of a 7.5ah battery! Impressive!

To help you identify the approximate size lawn which can be cur on a single charge, Ego have provided this very handy guide showing the cut capacity on a single charge of a battery and the cutting width of the mower.

Ego Lawnmower Cutting Guide

When it comes to choosing the right mower, there will be several questions running through your mind, especially when it comes to deciding which model will be best for small tight spaces, or close to trees and bushes. The smaller more compact model such as the LM1700E would be perfect for smaller areas, this has a 42cm cutting width with a 55L rear grass collector box and the options to mulch, collect or rear discharge. There is also a self-propelled option which is great for taking the strain out of mowing up slight inclines or for those who find it difficult to push a mower.

You may also have comfort high up the list of your priorities when choosing a lawnmower, those models with a poly-deck such as the LM1900-SP offers a light weight design which also offers the self-propelled design making mowing the lawn with this mower less of a chore.

If you like your lawn to have that manicured look an EGO Rear Roller kit is a must! This will enable you to effortlessly stripe your lawn giving it that perfect striped concept which is known and loved by many within the UK. All whilst still being able to collect, mulch or rear discharge grass clippings to give the ultimate flexibility.  The AR1900 rear roller kit is suitable for use with the LM1900E-SP whilst the AR1700 rear roller kit is suitable for the LM1700E and LM1700E-SP mowers.

EGO Rear Roller Kit

“A well designed and easy to use cordless mower” the EGO LM1701E cordless lawnmower is a BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine Best Buy Winner! Thanks to the foldable design for compact storage, adjustable handle height, wide range of cutting heights and offers a clear visibility of battery power teamed with the easy to assemble design.

Another bonus of this battery powered mower range is that all models can be purchased as either Body only models which come without a battery or charger or kits which include a battery and charger. So if you are not already a proud owner of EGO Power products and one of their mower kits would be your first purchase, the good news is that due to their one battery fits all system, you can eventually expand on your garden tool range! One of the biggest bonuses of the Ego cordless range is that the batteries are compatible with the whole Power + 56v cordless range of garden machinery including hedge trimmers, grass trimmers, leaf blowers, chainsaws and much more.

The Ego 2021 range has been designed to meet a variety of outdoor jobs, so take a look at the full range of EGO Power+ tools on our website. Here you will find various products, and if you already have the battery and charger, then you will find a wide selection of naked handheld garden tools to complete your collection.

Above all, the Ego Power + 56v cordless garden machinery range is backed by a 5 year tool warranty!

Ego Power+ Warranty