When it comes to BBQing here at World of Power, we are firm believers that there is no such thing as summer only BBQ’s, we’re out 365 days a year grilling. With BBQ designs evolving over the past 10 years, gone are the days of flipping burgers and sausages in the back garden whilst standing over the BBQ, the risk of turning your back for 2 minutes would lead to burnt food! BBQ’s are now designed to cook EVERYTHING… anything you can cook indoors in your oven you can cook on your BBQ.

The 2020 season sees some new models along with updated models and old favourites back within the Outback BBQ range, there is something to suit all requirements including gas, charcoal and models which will do both.

New for the 2020 season to Outback is the Hybrid range of gas BBQ’s which is something completely new to the BBQ market! The special hybrid briquettes are lit using the gas burners on your BBQ, simply turn on the gas burners long enough to light the briquettes and then you will be cooking on charcoal. Giving you the great taste of a charcoal BBQ without the fuss or mess of lighting the charcoal briquettes.

Hybrid BBQ with Hybrid Briquettes

The Outback Combi duel fuel BBQ is back again for this season available in a 2 burner or 4 burner version, this BBQ eliminates the age old choice between gas or charcoal BBQ’s. Offering users the best of both worlds you can cook on either the gas or charcoal side – or both at the same time if you wish.

Outback Combi Duel Fuel Gas BBQ

Back by popular demand, the Party 6 burner BBQ is back! This model was a firm favourite back in 2017 thanks to its portable fold down design which allows the BBQ to be used for both social and business applications. With a very large 78 x 42cm cooking area this BBQ can cook up 32 burgers at any one time – that is a whopping cooking area!

Outback Party 6 Burner Gas BBQ

Introducing the new and upgraded portable Trekker BBQ for 2020, this compact and lightweight BBQ is perfect for those who want to BBQ on the go. Designed to offer quick assembly / de-assembly this BBQ boasts a generous 47cm cooking area. For this season this BBQ has been designed with a larger domed hood which allows the user to cook a wider range of foods as it gives a larger grilling height.

Outback Trekker Portable Gas BBQ

For those looking for something a little different to enjoy their al fresco dining experience, the Outback Charcoal Pizza Oven is the one for you. Designed with a large 49x34cm stone base you can cook your very own fresh pizza, garlic bread, bread and much more!

Outback Charcoal Pizza Oven

BBQ cooking not for you? Why not relax in one of the Outback padded relaxers whilst you let someone else be king of the grill? These relaxers boast six reclining positions with a headrest offering maximum comfort whilst you relax in the privacy of your own home or on the go as they are lightweight and portable so can be taken with you wherever you decide to venture to this summer. The range includes wine, beige, green or grey.

Outback Padded Relaxer

When the evening draws to a close and the cooler nights set in why let the party stop there? With the Outback range of patio heaters you can keep the party going long into the night keeping guests warm and comfortable. With four different models within this range you will be spoilt for choice, the Meteor patio heater is finished in a stunning red colour whilst the flame tower patio heater will be talk of the guests with its design.

Outback Jupiter Patio Heater

Purchase your new Outback BBQ from World of Power now and receive it the very next day*!