Makita are committed to creating a completely cordless jobsite in the future meaning their cordless power tool range is forever increasing in size. Whether you’re setting up construction in the middle of nowhere, have no access to electrical sockets, working on site, camping in the woods or simply sitting in the back garden the DCM501Z cordless coffee I maker is a must have! Brew up anywhere, anytime without the need for mains electric or access or a kettle.

Compatible with both 12v Max CXT and 18v LXT Makita Lithium-Ion batteries with separate battery ports for either (simply slide across the cover to reveal the correct slot for your battery), this coffee maker will have you sat with your feet up enjoying a nice hot brew in 5 minutes. For those who already use the Makita one battery fits all system, you will already have the battery and charger compatible with the coffee maker within your range, if you are new to the range where have you been!?

Designed to provide a hot drink on the go anywhere, anytime. If you are anything like us then you need at least 2/3 cups of tea/coffee to really get going in a morning which can be difficult when you don’t have a kettle close! With this cordless coffee maker it doesn’t matter how far away the closest kettle or electrical socket is away its designed to preform without being connected to electricity but will offer reliability and performance every time!

What will I need to use the Makita Cordless Coffee Maker?

To use you will need a compatible battery, ground coffee / coffee pod (60mm) / tea bag, water and of course the coffee maker itself!

What’s included?

Stainless steel Makita branded mug with lid which is designed to fit snugly inside the coffee maker so you can easily take it anywhere without being splashed by the hot water.
Filter holder / coffee pod holder. 
Coffee Scoop (contained within lid of machine)

Features / Benefits

For those inclined to forget to add water to the coffee maker there is no need to worry, unlike cheaper coffee makers this Makita one boasts boil dry protection meaning the machine will automatically shut off it there isn’t enough water within the coffee maker preventing it from burning out and you wasting valuable money for nothing!

The battery terminals have protection covers for when the coffee maker is not in use to ensure its kept free from dirt and dust found on construction / job sites.

For those limited on resources, the water tank can easily be removed and is compact in size making it easy to refill from anywhere. Alternatively if you have bottled water to hand simply pour this into the water tank whilst it’s in the coffee maker. It has a 240ml capacity which is plenty for one cup of tea/coffee.

This cordless coffee maker is less than 9” tall with a 90mm cup clearance and weighs in at just 2.2kg and features an integrated carry handle allowing it to be carried easily / stored compactly.  

Makita DCM501Z Cordless Coffee Maker

Battery capacity

Everyone knows it takes a lot of power to boil a kettle with many of us boiling only the water we need in the kettles in our kitchen, this cordless coffee maker is no different. Using an 18v LXT 6Ah battery this coffee maker will brew up to 640ml on a single charge.

But not to worry the Makita battery range has some of the fastest charge times out there so your battery can be re-charged to full capacity in 45 minutes! For the tea belly’s amongst you if you can’t wait that long for the
re-charge simply use another battery from the compatible range!

Brew Capacities

CXT Battery – 260ml
14.4v Battery – 260ml
18v 3Ah Battery – 320ml
18v 6Ah Battery – 640ml

Brew Times

CXT Battery – 7 Minutes
14.4v Battery – 5 Minutes
18v Battery – 5 Minutes

Makita Cordless Coffee Maker


Makita offer a 1 year warranty as standard but if you register your product on Makita's website within 30 days of purchase they will extend this by a further 2 years giving you a total of 3 years - you will not find that anywhere else!