Renowned for their power, performance, reliability and value for money, the Makita brand has been one of the leading manufacturers of battery products for many years. The Makita Power Tool range has been around for many, many years which means their battery technology has been developed and perfected over this time. The garden machinery range is designed to use the same 18v LXT batteries as the power tool range – in fact it fits 270+ tools!

Makita LXT cordless battery machinery range

Makita have produced a top-class chainsaw powered by their 18v LXT batteries. The Makita DUC355PG2 cordless chainsaw boasts a powerful 36v DC drive system which is supplied via the two batteries; this chainsaw is a twin 18v model which requires two batteries to be inserted.

Mark Earles the business development manager of OPE at Makita states that for some forestry operations, where a smaller 35-40cc machine might traditionally have been used, cordless products should be considered. As a tree surgeon or forester, cordless chainsaws can be incredibly appealing – they offer increased freedom, which is especially useful when working at height. When it comes to cordless options, battery-powered chainsaws can provide the same, if not better, results compared to electric or petrol-powered alternatives and offer improved safety for operators.

Designed to offer all the power and performance that its petrol counterpart will offer, this cordless chainsaw is one of the most popular cordless Makita chainsaws on the market. The benefits of going ‘green’ are quite clear across all industries and the garden machinery world is no different, 0 harmful emissions, low noise levels and no messy mixing or storing of fuels /  engine oils. The low noise levels means this Makita chainsaw can be used in noise sensitive areas and other areas without annoyance to your surrounding neighbours.

Makita DUC355 cordless chainsaw

Designed to be lightweight at only 4.8kg and well balanced making it comfortable for the user and making it easier to handle, this DUC355 chainsaw has two battery slots at the rear of the chainsaw giving it an excellent weight ratio balance. Easy to use, once the batteries are inserted the machine is easily turned on safely so you can get cutting in no time – gone are the days where you need to sharply pull on a recoil to bring a machine to life. This chainsaw does feature a mains power switch with auto power off so there can be no unintentional start ups to protect against accidental starting.

Fitted with a 14” / 35cm cutter bar the 3/8” chain runs over the bar at a speed of up to 20 metres per second which exceeds the performance of Makita’s corded 230v and 110v chainsaws! Teamed with a 1100w brushless motor to offer a long working life, this chainsaw can be used for a wide range of applications and tasks. A safety chain brake is fitted to the chainsaw which will automatically engage in the event of kickback when cutting offering more protection to the user. The chain is easily tensioned using the side tensioner using the included tool which also doubles as a handy gadget for easily opening the chain oil cap.

Other features of this chainsaw include a variable speed control trigger, battery protection circuit, constant speed control, adjustable automatic chain lubrication and chain oil capacity display. The ergonomic grip on the handle offers additional grip and comfort to the user during use making this chainsaw comfortable to use even during longer periods of time. The low 5.3m/s² vibration levels  gives added protection to the user and reduces user fatigue.

Makita DUC355 chainsaw kit

This chainsaw can be purchased as a bare unit where you receive only the chainsaw unit, bar and chain OR you can purchase this as a limited time kit offer which includes the chainsaw unit, bar, chain, two 18v 6Ah batteries and twin port double charger. The BL1860 6Ah batteries have an unbeatable charge time of only 45 minutes and offer a longer run time and battery life than many other batteries on the market today.