New for 2020 – Charcoal Briquettes for gas BBQ’s!

For 2020, Outback have designed long lasting charcoal briquettes to enable traditional charcoal cooking on all Outback premier 3, 4 and 6 burner gas barbecues. The 2020 Hybrid BBQ range includes the Ranger 3 burner, Magnum 3 burner, Jupiter 4 burner in red and stainless steel, Jupiter 6 burner,  Meteor 4 burner in stainless steel, Signature 4 burner and 6 burner models.

For those with older model Outback select BBQ’s simply purchase the charcoal basket(s) to fit your BBQ and use the charcoal briquettes on the BBQ to enjoy this new fantastic design!

The Outback Charcoal Briquettes are produced right here in the UK from a mix of anthracite and charcoal, each piece is head cured inside a kiln to give it the consistent cushion shape. To use, simply light the fuel using your gas burners, leave for around 15 minutes on high until the briquettes start to turn ashen grey then turn off the gas. The briquettes will continue to burn (much like charcoal) guaranteeing that great tasting charcoal flavour without the mess or fuss of lighting charcoal.

This design is completely new to the Outback BBQ range for the 2020 season after much demand from customers who like the convenience of gas but prefer the use of charcoal to cook foods for the flavour. When it comes to BBQing you can now have the convenience of both without the need for more than one BBQ in the home (unless you wish to have several we won’t judge).

Changing between charcoal cooking and gas cooking is simple on the Outback BBQ’s as the baskets can be used for both. For cooking with charcoal use the Hybrid Charcoal Briquettes in the basket or for gas cooking use the Hot Rocks in the basket.