Outback Hybrid BBQ’s

What is Hybrid BBQ’ing

Hybrid BBQ’s give you the convenience of a gas BBQ but the flavour and authenticity of a charcoal BBQ. You can have the best of both worlds from your BBQ.

What are Hyrbid Charcoal Briquettes?

The Hybrid charcoal briquettes are a one time use briquette made from a mix of anthracite and charcoal which is heat cured inside a kiln to give the consistent cushion shape. Once lit they will burn very much like charcoal but lit with the convenience of the gas burner without the need for an additional accessories.

Where do the baskets sit within the BBQ?

To use your Hybrid BBQ with the briquettes, simply remove the cooking grills to reveal the flame tamers underneath.

Grills removed to reveal flame tamers

Remove the flame tamers covering half of the cooking area where the basket will sit (the basket is used instead of the flame tamers).

2 flame tamers removed to reveal burners

Place the Hybrid briquette rack over the burners – it sits on the same lip of the BBQ body which the flame tamers sit.

Hybrid basket replaces the 2 removed flame tamers

Place a layer of the Hybrid charcoal briquettes in the rack.

Hybrid charcoal briquettes are placed in the basket

Replace the grills back over the flame tamers and charcoal basket.

The grills are put back over the cooking area

Light the gas burners and turn them to a medium heat setting and leave for approximately 15 minutes. When the briquettes start to turn red with a grey ash covering, the gas burners can be turned off and the charcoal will continue to burn. You are now ready to cook on your gas BBQ with charcoal!

Does it add flavour to food?

Absolutely! We’ve been BBQ experts for years and there is no doubt about the flavour you get when cooking with charcoal. Don’t get us wrong, gas BBQ’s are brilliant for their convenience and do somewhat offer the authentic taste, but there is nothing like a charcoal BBQ.

Which BBQ’s can you use Hybrid Briquettes?

The following BBQ’s are Hybrid models and come with a briquette rack as standard.