Stihl Chainsaw Chain Sharpening

Stihl offer a range of chain sharpening options to ensure your chainsaw chain gives you optimum cutting performance every time.

The better value option is the traditional filing kit, this kit comes complete with a file holder,  round file, flat file and gauge in very handy wrap-around storage/carry case.  With this you will get an accurate chain sharpen but will need to go around the chain twice – once to sharpen the tooth and then again to lower the depth gauge.

Stihl Traditional File Kit

By far becoming the most popular option, the newer ‘all singing, all dancing’ Stihl EasyFile is a fantastic addition to any chainsaw owners kit!  This gadget has the right settings to ensure your chainsaw chain is filed at the exact right point and angle to ensure the best cut AND it lowers the depth gauge at the same time to the correct depth below the cutting edge – ensuring that not too much or too little wood is cut into by each tooth, thus giving a good smooth cut. Best of all? You only need to go around the chain once saving time!

Stihl Easy File

Both of these kits are available to match the Stihl chain on your chainsaw in a full range of sizes:-  ¼”p; 3/8”p; .235”; 3/8” and .404”  –  ensuring that if you are a homeowner doing light work with your domestic chainsaw or a professional user the right filing kit will enable you to correctly sharpen your chain.

Replacement round and flat files are readily available for both the traditional file kit and the EasyFile to ensure you continue to get the best from your filing kits.

Stihl Chain

Keeping your chain in a good and sharp condition is extremely important to the overall experience when using your chainsaw…we’ve all tried to cut bread with a blunt knife?!  So, the first obvious benefit is going to be that you will find your chainsaw cuts through wood more efficiently.  However,  there are downsides of using a chainsaw with a blunt chain, a blunt chain will create more dust rather than shavings,  this dust can distribute into the insides of your chainsaw and can result in blockages.  Also, sawdust can absorb the chain oil before it has opportunity to lubricate around the bar and chain which can cause overheating damage to the sprocket, bar and chain.  The motor may suffer as a result of a blunt chain too as it is having to work much harder to meet performance, therefore losing efficiency – your battery may not last as long as it should before you need to re-charge; you may be using more fuel; cutting time is longer for each cut.

You can pop into the World of Power showroom here in Buxton to view the full range of filing kits,  where our staff can give you advice and a brief demonstration to ensure you are purchasing the right item for your needs. 

World of Power Chain Sharpening

For those who would prefer their chainsaw chain to be sharpened professionally, we offer a postal chain sharpening service where you can post your chain to us and we will do the hard work for you before posting this back to you. More information on this can be found here.

Top tip – always have a spare sharpened chain on hand, if the one you are using blunts you can quickly switch this over to the spare meaning you can continue to work without the need to stop and sharpen! New chains can easily be found on our website or via our showroom – try our handy Stihl & Husqvarna chainsaw bar & chain guides online to find the right chain for your chainsaw.